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Sell OX Warrior 2.5D Privacy Full Glue Screen Protector for iPhone 11 - Privacy Glass (Retail Pack)

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Tech Specs

Privacy Ceramic (Apple): Privacy Screen Protector, Ceramic Privacy Soft Film For iPhone. Protect your phone and privacy with sleek, two-way solid privacy glass. It provides better performance with all the functionality to protect the phone from dirt, dust, and scratches.
  • Privacy protection: A privacy screen saver can protect personal and confidential information from harm by strangers. The person can only see the screen directly in front of the screen.
  •  Daily protection: The screen is of high quality with 9H hardness that will protect the phone from scratches, falling, bumps, and daily wear and tear.
  •  Full-screen protection: The full-coverage screen protection film is very suitable for your screen and has a high-strength nano-elastic impact and explosion-proof effect, which can protect your phone screen to the greatest extent.
  • Clear screen: High-definition transparency can provide the best natural viewing experience and clean your phone screen all day long.
  • Easy installation: It is easy to install, remove the dust and align it correctly.