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Sell HDMI to VGA Cable With Audio Cable 0.2M

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HDMI to VGA Cable. Product Description:   A desktop, laptop, or another device with an HDMI connection can be connected to a VGA display, such as a monitor, projector, or TV, using the HDMI to VGA Cable. The HDMI male end of the cable should be connected to your HDMI device, and the VGA male end should be connected to your VGA display. Bullet points:
  • High-Quality Content: Delivering clean, bright videos. The HDMI to VGA Cable is constructed to the highest standards, offers increased signal transmission and corrosion resistance, and includes shielded pairs, drain wire, and gold connections.
    • Compatibility: The portable HDMI to VGA adapter connects a computer, desktop, laptop, or another device with an HDMI port to a monitor, projector, HDTV, or another device with a VGA port. Stash this lightweight device in your bag to use your laptop and projector for a business presentation or to extend the screen of your desktop computer to a monitor or TV.
  • Easy to Handle: Never stress about any tangled mess. The cable enables you to arrange your workstation according to your needs and connect your device even when it is farther away from your computer.
  • Durability: Connectors that are gold-plated offer corrosion resistance, stiffness, and improved signal performance in addition to strengthened joints that guarantee endurance.
Fast Connection: The connections on the Fast HDMI to VGA Cable are gold-plated and corrosion-resistant, providing excellent signal transmission with less distortion at the point of contact.