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Airpod Case

The Airpod Case is essential for anyone. We Buy Any Mobile is giving you the best protected Airpod case that will provide you with a long time. You can get this exclusive airport at We Buy Any Mobile at a reasonable price.  If you want to use your earbuds for a long time then the Airpod case is really important for you. Although the AirPod comes in the case that secures the earbuds when they are not being used. An AirPod Case protects the earbuds against any damage that may occur in any kind of drop. The AirPod Case works as a charger for the Earbuds and stores it safely. 
  • Model: AirPod Case   
  • Type: AirPod Case 
  • Compatible with: Earphones
  • Material: Silicone  
  • We Buy Any Mobile AirPod Case is washable and easy to clean 
  • Compatible with Earphones 
  • We Buy Any Mobile AirPod Case supports fast charging and easy to carry 
  • This AirPod Case is protected and prevent bumps and scratches 
  • Top-Notch design and stylish