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Sell 2.0 USB A to USB B (Printer Cable) 2M

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USB-A To USB-B USB type-A connectors refers to the physical design of the USB port.Every USB connection makes up a port in the host device.USB-A is a traditional USB port designed perfectly and easiest to recognize on devices. USB cables are some of the most popular cable types which are available. A person can plug a USB to type c charger into a computer or other device with a charge. USB-A ports are traditonal and it is convenient with your old devices.
  • Power Delivery: USB-A to USB-B is the original flat and rectangular connector that is a real traditional design.The power delivery of this cable is convenient for the old devices. These cables always have USB-A on one end with a different port type on the other and can be used for device charging easily and also for data transfer. 
  • Compatibility: The devices that are compatible with USB-A to USB-B are flash drives, Mice, Keyboards, External Hard Drives, Webcams, Digital Cameras, Game Controllers, Smartphone devices.It can be plugged into any USB type-A Port.